Indoor Range Insurance

Indoor ranges offer the opportunity for members and customers to practice and improve safe weapon handling skills and marksmanship in a controlled environment that’s available year round.

Our range insurance program covers pistols, rifles and archery ranges and can protect your business against unexpected events.

Many indoor ranges are public ranges that block out times as a private gun range or for corporate events. Make sure your business is protected when you host shooting range clubs, tournaments, and events at your facility.


General Liability

    • General Liability (limits to $1,000,000)
    • Umbrella (limits to $10,000,000)
    • Employee Benefits Liability
    • Employment Practices Liability
    • Club members as additional insureds
    • Liability coverage for…
         ◊ sponsored tournaments
         ◊ special events
         ◊ social gatherings


    • Coverage for club houses
    • Coverage for related structures
    • Business Interruption with extra expense

Inland Marine

    • Coverage for equipment (electronics, ATVs, boats, guns, targets, and other property)


    • Owned autos
    • Hired and non-owned autos
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